Reward Points Policy

  • Each item is marked with amount of reward points required to redeem if you want to purchase the item for free.
  • If your reward points are not enough to purchase the item, you can still redeem it as discount proportionally.
  • Ownership of reward point is not transferable.
  • Cannot convert to cash.
  • Reward points can only be used within our store.
  • Earned reward points can only be claimed on your NEXT order.
  • Reward points may not be earned on your order during big sale promotion.
  • If there is any reason you return items to us for refund, the associated reward points will be void.
  • If it is our fault and we needed to send you replacement, the associated reward points will still be valid.
  • If there is Paypal dispute or chargeback that leads us losing the money, the associated reward points will be void.
  • If there is an unexpected event (neither party's fault) that led us have to re-send or refund the order, the associated Reward Points will be void.
  • Please note, our reward point system is still in beta stage, which means although it is fully functional, we still observe until we think there is no issue.

How to claim Reward Points

  1. Make sure you login first.
  2. Claim your reward points (if any) at the shopping cart page, NOT checkout page.
  3. Proceed checkout.