Reasons Why You Should Sign Up


As an online shopper myself, I do understand it may get annoyed when it asks you to sign up before checking out. Some people prefer shop, pay and go "express", that is, without having an account set up.

We are absolutley fine by that, however, here are the reasons why you should sign up:

  1. We have the Reward Point System that you can earn point for every dollar you spent. Without signing up it will be impossible for us to assign reward points via the transaction. These reward points can be treated as discount when you make your next purchase.
  2. You can opt to subscribe our newsletter that we occasionally send out discount coupons and promotional news.
  3. You can keep track of all the orders you have placed in the past. Including returns.

So do spend a few minutes to sign up before you make your first purchase and you will be benefited we gurantee!