Hottest Sun Hats Back In Stock


Sun hats are one of the best-selling product lines at Tiny World. Few of the most popular sun hats for girls, boys, baby girls and baby boys are back in stock. These hats are essential for your child regardless of summer time or winter time. Check them out!

Some Tips

  1. Some of the hats are reversible and some not, so please always read the item description. It does not really effect the purpose of sun protection, but if reversible is what you want (because you can flip over change to another colour), then please choose and purchase carefully.
  2. Not all hats are marked SPF50+ (highest rating for sun protection), well.. most are. Only a few are marked "sun protection" (though they do look awesome too). These are tested and given by the manufacturer. Choose SPF50+ for the best level of protection.
  3. Make sure you do measure your child's head before purchasing, as wrong size is the very last thing we both want when shopping online. Each hat should have the size table on its page.

About Millymook and Dozer

Millymook is the market leading brand for girls and baby girls hats in Australia (and Dozer is for the boys and baby boys), all designed in their studio of the seaside suburb Burleigh Heads in sunny Queensland. Since most of our kids spend so much time in the sun we know that the NO HAT NO PLAY rule is firmly in the minds of parents for their children. Sun protection is the number one skincare priority. Millymook and Dozer hats provide the ultimate in sun protection against harmful rays. It is an important feature to all our kid's ranges. Most of their hats are tested for prevention up to a 50+ UV protection.

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