Nikokids Soft Soled Baby Shoes


Baby shoes were one of the product line that we wanted to establish in the first place, we are so glad that we finally got in touch with one of the popular brands in Taiwan - Nikokids.

Since 2011, Nikokids baby shoes company has been specialising in marketing various kinds of shoes, particularly for babies, toddlers and kids. Their shoes are known to be good quality and value, and most importantly comfortable for children's feet.

At first we have brought these soft soled (non-slip) shoes specially designed for babies & toddlers not yet walking or just starting to pull themselves up / learn to stand. Bear in mind a baby's foot is much different from an adult's as it is very flat and much more flexible. Soft soled shoes can actually help your baby walk better as they will not fall down as much and they will be able to feel the ground beneath them while learning to walk.