Bought something wrong? Paypal got your back


We don't usually promote other company but this time we feel have to, because they are really on your side this time!

So it happens occasionally that you have bought something you didn't expect the way it is, for example wrong size, normally we require you to send the item back in order for us to issue refund or to send replacement, and the postage is on your expense.

Sending back and forth the postage can be huge. But this time Paypal is willing to assist you so that the postage that you need to send the item back, will be refunded to you. You're eligible for up to 8 refunds per year, to a value of $45 per eligible transaction.

It's true! And all you need to do is to checkout using Paypal. For details, check their General Conditions of Use.

Here are the instructions if you need to return something to us (of course it's best that you don't need to, but accidents do happen don't they?)

  1. Always contact us first if there is anything wrong with your order, we will determine whether you are eligible for this service or not. DO NOT move on until you have contacted us.
  2. Go to this page and activate, you will need to log in for that. It doesn't matter if you activate this AFTER you've made purchase but note that it's not applicable for purchases before 16 March 2015.
  3. In order for us to accept your return, make sure the item is still in brand new condition, if there are tags attached (eg sun hat), they must be intact.
  4. Pack securely and send it via Australia Post. Our return address is "Tiny World, PO BOX 60, ACACIA RIDGE, QLD 4110"
  5. Photograph the package with your phone that clearly shows our address. (very important)
  6. Photograph the receipt that Australia Post gives you. You will need these two documents in order to be refunded. (very important)
  7. Log in to your Paypal. Find the transaction on the day that you paid, then copy down the paypal transaction id. (this is very very important)
  8. Go to this page to request the refund.
  9. Fill up the form (all the fields) and then submit. You must do this within 14 days of shipping the item back.

If you have done everything correctly, Paypal should refund you the postage that you spent to return the item to us, within 14 days.

Disclaimer: Tiny World is not directly affiliated with this service operated by Paypal. We guide you how to apply but we do not guarantee the success of the refund. Any uncertainty should refer to Paypal's General Conditions of Use. If there is any dispute regarding this service, Paypal has the final say.