New colours with


New Colours

Some of our favourite products such as the nappy wallet, the essential bib and the travel bib are now available in "mellow lellow".

Mesh Feeder

Also checkout their mesh feeder. Used to only have the green colour, now it comes with 3 new colours. Mesh feeder lets babies explore new food tastes, textures and colours in a fun but safe way. Tots as young as 6 months can enjoy melon, apples, pear, berries, vegies and more. It’s also great for soothing teething pain. Just pop an ice cube or cold fruit inside.

Sippy Cup

The award winning sippy cup range is now back in stock, they feature innovative weighted straw that lets tiny tots drink to the very last drop.


Established in 2009, the Australian brand has already won many awards on their baby feeding products. Their products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so they’re safe for our kids and the environment. Their range includes baby bottle, bibs, drinking cup, snack container, bottle brush etc, aimed at the 0-3 year old market focused primarily on feeding and nappy changing, both in the home and for travel/on the go.