Introducing BabyLegs - The Leg Warmers


BabyLegs are award winning leg and arm warmers perfect from newborn to tweens! Invented by a mum to keep her daughter's legs warm while she was nappy-free.

Suitable all year round, BabyLegs protect from winter chills and keep legs warm during nappy-free playtime. BabyLegs are great in summer too as they provide lightweight sun protection for legs and arms.

Newborn Comfort

  • Keep little legs warm and avoid chilly nappy changes.
  • Lightweight protection for allergy sensitive skin.

Crawler Protection

  • Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces.
  • Non restrictive of movement.

Toddler Training

  • Promote independence for potty training.
  • Easy to layer for warmth instead of changing outfits.
  • Leaves feet free to walk with natural traction.

Fun at School

  • Make sports and dance classes fun and funky.
  • Great to pack in schoolbag for cooler days.
  • Fun for sports events - wear BabyLegs in team colours .

Stay Young at Heart

  • Instant look of an undershirt.
  • Extra warmth and protection for bike riders.
  • Easy on / off warmth for elderly peoples ankles and arms.