Filter Products By Age


We have added a powerful feature to our site (again), we call it "Smart Filter". It can actually filter many things but for now we only intend to filter one thing that is the "suitable ages" of the products. Initially we grouped our products in categories under "Ages", however we found it's not that convenient for customers' browsing experience. So we investigated (again, and for hours) to use this new method to filter products base on their attributes. For some products especially Baby products, Toys and Arts & Crafts, their products were specifically designed for specific age groups, so those products can now be filtered by our Smart Filter which is located at the left column above "categories". (see gallery image).

At the moment this filter only appears under normal desktop view (width from 1024+). Not supported for mobile at the moment.

About Tiny World as of today

It's been almost a year since we had the idea to launch Tiny World. Our website was quite just another online shop with basic functions that pretty much all others would also have, but we spent hours (months and weeks) to design and implemented a lot of special abilities, Tiny World has now become much more powerful and unique than what we used to be. We are having nearly 300 merchandises as of today, and the number is still growing. For the moment we focus on products aiming for babies, toddlers and young children from age 0 to 5.

Tiny World