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Shop By Brand - 29/04/2013
We have added the "Shop By Brand" menu at the menu bar for the ease of your browsing, in case you are looking for the brand specifically. ..
Designer Baby Shoes - Baby Bella Maya
We are excited to announce that we are now selling the designer baby shoes by US award-winning brand - Baby Bella Maya. Baby Bella Maya was created in the US in 2005 by, Marta Rothwell a mum-fashionista wanting to add some style to her baby’s wardrobe. The label won a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Innovation Award early on which placed it in the limelight of both parents and retailers. Demand has since grown exponentially and Baby Bella Maya is now sought after by par..
Bibs Easter Special [EXPIRED]
We are pulling all the prices of our Bibska bibs down to 20% off for this Easter ONLY! No coupon is needed. Promotion ends 2 April 2013. These high quality bibs are made by Bibska - an Australian brand. The unique design of the dribble bib absorbs any spills by trapping moisture in the folds of Fabric. The soft top layer is made from pattern fabric to hide wetness while the absorbent backing layers help to keep baby dry. The cute fabrics and shape of Bibska Bibs mean they form part of an ..
Introducing BabyLegs - The Leg Warmers
BabyLegs are award winning leg and arm warmers perfect from newborn to tweens! Invented by a mum to keep her daughter's legs warm while she was nappy-free. Suitable all year round, BabyLegs protect from winter chills and keep legs warm during nappy-free playtime. BabyLegs are great in summer too as they provide lightweight sun protection for legs and arms. Newborn Comfort Keep little legs warm and avoid chilly nappy changes. Lightweight protection for allergy sensitive s..
Mega Easter Sale 20% Off [EXPIRED]
This is the first time ever, ONE TIME ONLY, Mega Easter Sale! Apply coupon EASTER20PO at checkout and you will get 20% off!! (Not applying to items that are already on special) You can use this coupon unlimitedly until 2 April 2013. To make the best out of our promotion, don't forget to sign up before checking out so you can earn the reward points! Don't wait and grab this chance to save more! ..
New Casual Toddler Shoes
Today we have added two new shoes to our toddler shoes range. The style is pretty much same style as the pre-walker baby shoes SGN54, but with TPR non-slip sole, suitable for toddlers from 2.5 - 3 years old and we have red and denim blue this time. ..
New Nikokids Breathable Leather Baby Shoes
We have a new style from Nikokids arrived to the pre-walker baby shoes range. It's using breathable leather upper and terry cloth inside protecting your child's foot and make it suitable for all seasons, not to mention it is handcrafted. The shoe is suitable for babies not yet walking or just starting to pull themselves up / learn to stand. The flexible and durable TPR non-slip sole makes it also suitable for toddlers up to 3 yrs old. We have 3 sizes available with limited quantities, so ..
Nikokids Soft Soled Baby Shoes
Baby shoes were one of the product line that we wanted to establish in the first place, we are so glad that we finally got in touch with one of the popular brands in Taiwan - Nikokids. Since 2011, Nikokids baby shoes company has been specialising in marketing various kinds of shoes, particularly for babies, toddlers and kids. Their shoes are known to be good quality and value, and most importantly comfortable for children's feet. At first we have brought these soft soled (non-slip) sh..
Australia Day Sale 2013 [EXPIRED]
For the first time we are offering coupon to celebrating Australia Day 2013. Apply coupon AUDAY10OFF at checkout and you will get 10% off. You can use this coupon unlimitedly until 29 Jan 2013. To make the best out of our promotion, don't forget to sign up before checking out so you can earn the reward points! Don't wait and grab this chance to save more! ..
Bibska Bibs
Bibska Bibs - 18/01/2013
We are proud to be one of the stockist of Bibska, an Australian label who makes uniquely designed range of dribble bibs, feeding bibs, dummy savers etc, turns the humble baby bib into a fashion accessory. Here is a little about them: The Bibska brand started with a design made by Belinda Long for her son. After being unable to find something as simple as a quality bib that would stay looking good more than a few washes, she set out to find a solution to the problem she faced – keeping..
Reasons Why You Should Sign Up
As an online shopper myself, I do understand it may get annoyed when it asks you to sign up before checking out. Some people prefer shop, pay and go "express", that is, without having an account set up. We are absolutley fine by that, however, here are the reasons why you should sign up: We have the Reward Point System that you can earn point for every dollar you spent. Without signing up it will be impossible for us to assign reward points via the transaction. These reward points..
Launching Our News System
Hello! We have now set up a news system in our website, we will be announcing our new product arrival news, product related information, promotions and anything related to our web development via this channel. Apart from our website, we'll also post our news at our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page. Follow us if you don't want to miss out any of our great offers. ..
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